Having a superhero theme can create many idea in different aspect and topics that exists. Superheroes are great character because they show a sense of strength, yet with humanistic characteristic such as emotions. I have always been a fan of superheroes even as a little girl. My all time favorites superheroes will always be Spider-Man and batman because they aren’t the usual type of superheroes that are born mutant. I hope this theme can bring many topics to discuss such as who do we consider a real life hero in our daily life, or in the celebrity world. Also, we can discuss what makes a character a hero do they have to be evil or good to be considered a hero. This is a theme that I am very curious in what it can bring.





My First Week

Hi, my name is Martha Garcia, I’m a freshman at the University of Mary Washington, and the first to attend a four year university in my family. This a new experience where I’m on my own because I have no one close to me too guide me, so its a journey that I have to go through myself and on my own. It’s always been my goal to go to college and know that I’m in one I’m in shock because I’d never thought that I would be able to go to one. Also, as a aunt I hope that me going to college shows my nephew and niece that education is important.

My first week of college has given me a lot to learn. Time-management is an important skill that I need to grasp on because without it I will not succeed. I learned that you have to¬† keep with your classes on your own and not having someone reminding you everyday. Also, it harder than I expected since I don’t have anyone in my family that can guide me even just for a little. In addition, it’s harder that now I have to be more dependent on my own and not on other as I was in high school even my parents.

What is easy for is being able to eat on time and not worry that I haven’t. Waking up early has always been easy, but going to sleep on time has been harder for me and will continue to be hard. The one thing that has not been easy and drives me crazy is not being able to watch my favorite tv show, which tears me apart so much. Yet, I don’t need the tv show because I’m able to enjoy the company if my new friends. My first week has been haywire and I hope it goes well.